Tool Repair Tips
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1. LongReach™ Pruners

  • Extend Pruner Life

    • Lubricate key areas of the pruner:
      • Handle Connection: lubricate the barrel connecting the inner rod to the handle.
      • Handle Lever: Lubricate areas where the handle and handle lever come into contact during operation.
      • Extension Slide: Lubricate the extension slide just above the tilt case.

    • Don't Overtighten Blade Screw

    • Some pruners require frequent adjustment of the centerbolt. ARS blade sets come from the factory with optimal torque set. Usually, they do not require adjustment. If the blade set comes loose, tighten to the point where the screww will not come off and blade operation is free and easy. Over tightening can result in the blades cutting into each other damaging the blade and reducing their lifetime.

    • Wipe blades after each use

    • One of the advantages of ARS blades is the hard chrome plating that makes the blades easy to clean. To keep the blades at their peak performance, use a cleaner such as ARS Tool Cleaner to wipe off any dirt or sap.

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