ARS Sharpeners
ARS Sharpening Stone ARS Sharpening File for Saws
ARS Sharpening Stone
ARS Sharpening File

Because the ARS blades are specially hardened, it takes a tough stone to sharpen them. This specially designed sharpening stone is made of carborundum and shaped to help file the ARS pruner and hedge shear blades.

This sharpening file is designed specifically for ARS tri-edge saw blades. The file is angled in such a way that 2 surfaces can be filed simultaneously. Filing instructions included, or can be downloaded here: Filing Instructions.
Leg Straps for PRO Saws
GT Velcro Leg Straps
Tension Leg Straps
GT Tension Leg Straps keep the PRO Series saws tight around your leg for instant and easy access when climbing.